158 minutes | Jun 15, 2020

Stuart Davis - The Mantic Antics of a Twisted Mystic

Stuart Davis is a multimedia artist w/ a brilliant madcap mind. 10 years ago, while meditating during a fever, he was visited by an 8ft tall mantis entity, opening up a sync-holy vortex & setting a series of synchronicities in motion. These uncanny occurances inspired a forthcoming film called "Mant1s". He's also the creator of a meditative language called IS, published the essay "ET Presence & The Forfeiture of Human Sovereignty", & just launched his podcast Aliens & Artists. We talk about the multiplicity of identity, the influence of non-human intelligences on art (& vice versa), & more. Loga, the oneironaut from ep1--the one w/ the pineal tumor & a choir of selves presided over by a tumultuous trickster--makes a brief cameo appearance. Learn more about him @ www.stuartdavis.com Links: -Paranormal Comedy: Come Comedy With Me-man meets mantis -Clones pilot -Mant1s Trailer/Teaser (PW: Persephone) -Creating the IS language -The Art of IS -ET Presence and Human Sovereignty -Aliens and Artists -SPAOP ep1: Loga and The Order of Multiple Personalities -Strange Familiars, ep 106: "Stay Away From Things You Don't Understand" Support the show: -Subscribe! -Share it! -give us a five star rating -share your pretty words in a review -patreonize us (www.patreon.com/voiddenizen) -donate via Venmo (@voiddenizen) or paypal (snailconvention@gmail.com) The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo www.voidandimagination.com
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