114 minutes | Jan 4, 2021

Mike Brancatelli - The TricksterEquality of InnerSpace


Mike is the host of the MikeAdelic Podcast. He also does the best Alan Watts impression around, which I incorporated into this episode's intro! We talk about Mike’s recent venture into psilocyberspace, where he encountered an unspeakable transformational display, a "server farm", dazzling in its trickstery quality, and difficult to put one’s finger on. Confronting this innerspace—the life-force perceived beyond thought-forms—prompts one to find new ways to engage and relate with the world and Oneself. We talk about how to circumnavigate this ungraspable force in order to channel it into expression against all odds and oddness. Lots of compensatory hand gestures ensue where words fall short.

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My 2020 appearance on the MikeAdelic Podcast

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