73 minutes | Dec 9, 2020

Esther Jacobs - Life in Permanent Beta


Esther Jacobs is an intrepid, location-independent entrepreneur. She's traveled to over 100 countries, speaks 7 languages, was "fired" from her country, and feels at home anywhere in the world. She writes books, and teaches others how to write books using her unique reverse writing technique. She was knighted in the Dutch order, and participated in the Dutch version of Survivor. She's also my big sister! Using her life story as our foundation, we talk about creatively overcoming obstacles, energy management, dream guidance, the wisdom & whispers of the body, groupthink vs individualism, control vs. surrender, the difference between travelers & tourists, surreality TV, past lives, and more.

In Part 2 of our conversation--available exclusively on Patreon--we compare spiritual spider stories, recount our misadventures in the Amazon, where we imbibed strange potions with a Yagua shaman, and Esther shares how remote Peyote buttons serenaded her, without ever having ingested them.

Part 2: "Esther Jacobs - Strange Brew"

Find Esther at www.estherjacobs.info

IG: @estherjacobsnl

How to write a book: https://estherjacobs.info/en/write-your-book/

Free Checklist w 10 steps to write a successful book: http://www.estherjacobs.info/checklist

TEDx talk about attitude: https://youtu.be/bUeSb6CzXnk

Final ep. of Dutch Survivor : https://youtu.be/IMkM3ItuKtg

Handbook 4 Digital Nomads: www.estherjacobs.info/en/digital-nomads-book


The Sheltering Sky


Screenwriter's Workbook - Syd Field

TOoCitBotBM - J.Jaynes

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