12 minutes | Aug 9th 2019

#30 – Mindfulness Meditation (10 mins)

Find some calm with just 10 mins of Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn t new.  It might even be as old as horses.  What works isn t about finding the latest and shiniest new thing.  What works is about what has been tested over time and been shown to make a difference.  Mindfulness makes a difference.

OK, its not going to create world peace.  And, yes, our suffering has a lot to do with culture and we need to tackle that.  Many studies have shown that mindfulness meditations help with stress, anxiety and depression.  It targets several important behavioural processes including attentional flexibility and self-compassion.

To reap the benefits of mindfulness, you ll need to practice regularly.  You can practice formal meditations as well as taking just a few seconds to slow down and observe what is happening. This is fundamentally a sensory experience and not a verbal or mental one.  That is how you begin to expand your attentional flexibility.

Get started or merely try out this free 10 mins starter-mindfulness meditation, called mindfulness of the breath.  Keep an eye out for more exercises in future episodes of Self-Help Sat-Nav.

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