48 minutes | Feb 6th 2019

#29 Turning your inner critic into your supporter with self compassion

Using Self Compassion to turn your inner critic into your biggest supporter

I am speaking with a blog writer, an author and founder of #365daysofcompassion, which is an online global community of people sharing thoughts, reflections and information about compassion and well-being. With a particular emphasis on compassion focused therapy and compassionate mind training, this champion of self compassion has created an amazing online space for people to come together, to be open, vulnerable and courageous.

I first met him online a couple of years ago when he began sharing his blog posts about his experience of living with depression. We later got together to create and publish an ebook, called the Five Self Compassionate Ways to manage depression and boost your wellbeing. I know he is a much respected human and contributer to the development of self-compassion worldwide. His name is Chris Winson.


The #365daysofcompassion Social Media accounts

People can follow Chris personally on @chisi_98 on Twitter, and also the @365daysofcompass account which collates all the tweets that people share under the hashtag, along with sharing the weekly Review online newspaper.  The monthly book club can be found via @365daysBookClub.

The Facebook group for #365daysofcompassion can be found here:


The daily quotes are available from Instagram @365daysofcompassion and also a board on Pinterest



Chris’ personal blog is available from here


The self compassion community blog is available from here


The book club blog is available from here


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