73 minutes | Feb 3rd 2020

Secret Free Love, Marriage & Evolution with Laurie Gerber

If I said the secret free diet, I wouldn’t be talking about food; I would be talking about a secret free love partnership. Season 5 is all about relationships as self care, so what about the ultimate committed relationship? Marriage. February’s guest is Ted Talk speaker and NYC’s top marriage + relationship coach, Laurie Gerber. I asked questions like, why are less young people getting married? How has marriage changed? Where does she see it going? Are people inherently good? Why do we lie? And how do you have the hard conversations, especially when they’re deal breakers? We have all lied and we have all been lied to. This is a fascinating episode about using radical honesty to have the most fulfilling love partnerships that align with your values, not expectations.
Show notes include:

  • Laurie' Ted Talk "Secret Free Diet"
  • Your $75 off coupon code + link to Inner U course
  • The Art of Honesty pdf outline to having hard conversations

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