86 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

Masculine Sexuality, Redefining Masculinity, and Holding the Feminine with Matthew Ayriss

What does it mean to be a “man?” Why should women care about understanding men’s sexuality? Sacred sexuality coach and healer Matthew Ayriss, offers up an analysis to the confusing situation modern men find themselves in. On one hand they’re raised to “man up” and on the other end, they reject this toxic masculinity at the expense of embodying healthy masculinity. He explains in depth how the lack of support in men’s sexuality work and emotional mastery impacts boys and therefore our relationship with men. And what about women being “too much” for men to handle? He zones in on how the Masculine can uniquely hold space for the Feminine’s dynamic range.Chalk full of tangible tips and real-life examples, this episode is bound to serve you, especially if you identify as a man or are in relationship with men

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