80 minutes | May 4th 2020

Adult Friendships, Loneliness and Communication Like a Grown Up with Jillian Richardson

For the final installment of Season 5’s theme, relationships as self care, we’re talking adult friendships with The Joy List founder and author of Unlonely Planet, Jillian Richardson. During a global pandemic where seeing your friends isn’t an option, this conversation felt ironic and yet timely. Jillian told Alyssa she doesn’t really see herself as a friendship expert, but more like a communication expert, but isn’t that what we’re really talking about with mature friendships? From how friendship is like dating to how to communicate hurt feelings, Jillian provides beautiful, tangible communication techniques and wisdom. Because in a world where loneliness is just as detrimental as smoking (Jillian' drops stats), having these kinds of conversations is imperative to us finding conscious friendships to have these kinds of conversations with. This was one of the most anticipated topics of this season, and it doesn’t disappoint!
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