15 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

Epilepsy, Pregnancy and Birth with Jewel Gibson

In this bonus episode we get to hear some more of my chat with mom, wife, teacher and blogger, Jewel Gibson. I asked Jewel to tell me a bit more about the specifics of have a baby when you have epilepsy.

Last time, we heard about Jewel’s path to an epilepsy diagnosis, and her personal challenge of running the New York Half Marathon to raise epilepsy awareness. We also heard that Jewel is diagnosed with ‘catamenial seizures’ - seizures that are affected or triggered by changes in hormones.

But I was also really interested to learn more from Jewel as a mom. As well as her blog, Jewel has also done a short podcast series called Well Fit Mama. So what does it take to be a Well Fit Mama? And how did epilepsy affect her pregnancy? I asked her about what steps she had to take to make sure both she and the baby were safe, and whether there was anything she wanted to say to other women with epilepsy who want to have children.

Jewel was already a Mom, but she didn’t have epilepsy when she was pregnant the first time.

A QUICK WARNING: Jewel does talk about the later stages of childbirth and aspects such as epidurals in semi-graphic detail around 7.30 minutes after the start of the actual conversation.

Disclaimer: Jewel does talk about specifics with medication and birth choices. She is talking about her personal experience with pregnancy and childbirth whilst living with epilepsy. Other’s experiences and situation may vary.






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