71 minutes | Feb 8, 2018

Seincast 165 - The Apology

"I'm so sorry that I didn't want your rather bulbous head struggling to find its way through the normal-size neck hole of my finely knit sweater!" Vinnie & Matt discuss "The Apology", the ninth episode of season nine, as well as...shower habits, Jerry's Oedipus complex, and how to make those radish roses. Links from our discussion: I'm Telling You for the Last Time (on YouTube) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 James Spader (Jason Hanky) "Crash" trailer (1996) As Robert California on "The Office" Kathleen McLellan (Melissa) Megan Cole (Peggy) Red Hot Chili Peppers - "The Zephyr Song" Cannonball in the stomach Season 9 bloopers Weekly listener artwork Maarten Bouw Brooks Tracey Upcoming Seinfeld Trivia events hosted by Matt: T 2/13 - Joshua Tree East T 2/20 - Stone Creek Tavern Here's how you can get in touch with us: seincast@gmail.com Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr Or, leave us a voicemail at COCOA-BOSCO (262-622-6726) If you'd like to support the podcast, please visit paypal.me/seincast or click the donate tab on our Tumblr page (not mobile-friendly). And, if you have the time, swing by iTunes and leave us a rating and review. Thank you for your support! Seincast logo designed by Aaron FitzSimons - aaronfitzsimons.com Vinnie's Top 24 The Opposite The Contest The Outing The Junior Mint The Implant The Opera The Bizarro Jerry The Cheever Letters The Marine Biologist The Hamptons The Bubble Boy The Label Maker The Hot Tub The Couch The Movie The Airport The Lip Reader The Jimmy The Fusilli Jerry The Rye The Merv Griffin Show The Yada Yada The Doll The Muffin Tops Matt's Top 24 The Boyfriend The Pilot The Hamptons The Bizarro Jerry The Cheever Letters The Outing  The Library The Pen The Contest The Merv Griffin Show The Label Maker The Marine Biologist The Chicken Roaster The Implant The Doorman The Muffin Tops The Hot Tub The Little Jerry The Fusilli Jerry The Yada Yada The Sponge The Alternate Side The Doll The Seven
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