20 minutes | Jan 1, 2021

3. Five Lies I've Heard About Human Design

What misconceptions about Human Design have you heard that turned you ‘off’ or away from the HDS?  In this episode of the Seen and Sold podcast, Tiffani looks at five lies she’s heard about Human Design and then clears the air. Listen in to learn why Human Design is supposed to free you from life’s pressures – not put you in a box. Inside this episode [0:21] Intro [2:31] Why Human Design has less empowering verbiage.  [3:44] Human Design does not exist to tell you what to do. [4:58] Projectors aren't parents?? [8:10] Manifestors can't get anything finished?? [10:26] Reflectors aren't here for themselves??  [13:03] Generators aren't special?? [14:12] Manifesting Generators can't focus??   [17:42] Stop telling yourself false stories that are limiting you.  Relevant Links Website: https://humandesignwithtiffani.com/  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/humandesignwithtiffani/  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/seenandsold  Subscribe to SEEN AND SOLD wherever you listen to podcasts: Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Libsyn
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