2 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

"Landscape" - Short poetry pieces for emotional healing

"Stand within yourself and open your eyes to state of landscape you inhabit. look toward the windswept treesof hurt,bent over, their canopieshugging the groundin protection.look toward the familiar ragingrivers, slicing throughany softness of earth.look at the corse and brittle flowers of hopethat open fearsomely close the earth, never bloomingtoo full, never taking up too much space, never occupyingitself wholly.look at the sunless sky of joy, how it withholds its warmthand allows patches of ice to collect over any depthof crevasse or creek.how many times have you fallen throughto that lifeless landscape, fed yourself on its offeringsbut always felt undernourished, acclimatised to its harshnessbut always felt a vagabond?There is another landscape within you,but it takes a homecominga journey back to the wildflowers and lush planesfrom which you were first awakened.Where love soaks beds of blooming confidence.Where winds don’t misshapen but gently lift seedsof creativity towards what willcultivate most growth.Where kindness curesthe bittered wound.Where your crevasses are measurements of d e p t hand not indicators of faultlines, and softness cushionsthe soil beneath your feetenabling you to walk this long journey withoutlosing yourself to emotional wear.There is another landscape to be inhabited but it begins with knowing that it’s ok to let this one g o.  ________Know the feeling? Of being so used to your own inner landscape that it’s almost scary to let it go of the fear, the hardness, the protection-mode? Journeying home to the abundant, open and joy-filled state of your essential Self takes letting go of those rugged and sharp edges we hold within and folding more into our own vulnerability, more into learning to love who we already are, more softness towards the wall we have built in defence and more kindness towards the rugged terrane we have inherited.Thank you to all those of who tag friends or share these posts - but also to those who simply return to listen for a moment of calm and are able to walk back into their lives a little lighter- I am beyond grateful for your presence here.SEE THESE AUDIOS COME TO LIFE VIA @THE_DAILY_HEAL_JOURNAL!Support the show (http://insig.ht/sez)
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