2 minutes | Jul 28th 2020

"Edge" - short poetry for calm, centre & emotional healing

"I know 

you've stood 

on this cliff’s edge

for a while now, 

the hard winds

weathering your veneer.

As you peel and crack,

pieces of you 

grant sustenance 

to the abyss below. 

And even though 

this feels like some

cruel endurance test, 

you still brave the storm

that never seems to cease. 

I know 

you have lost precious

pieces of you, 

hardened from the dryness

of these desiccating times, 

hollowed out from the 

relentlessness search 

for hope.

And now de-shelled,

underbelly exposed, 

you wait on this 

fragile edge.

But while you tremble, 

and the earth 

dislodges your


remember these pieces

you think you are losing

are in fact 

an unburdening.

Can you let go 

to what you hold most dear

to discover the infallible preciousness

of who you really are?

Can you allow the earth

below your feet to fall away

and trust that

gentle gust or untethering gale

will take you to 

more sacred places?"


When we are willing to give up even the ideas of who we are and what we want for ourselves, we open up to the currents of a much more sacred element; HEART.

It just takes our willingness - an earnest desire to trust that our minds do not know what’s best for us, but our subtle Hearts do. 

This is the theme for me at the moment. Surrender everything, even the ideas I have for my life, to be more in flow with what might be better for me and those around me. 

How is your flow these days and what is keeping you from trusting it? 


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