43 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

#18: Tony Hillery: Harlem Grown. Urban farming as a medium for youth education, workforce development, food justice and community engagement.

Harlem Grown uses urban farming as a powerful medium for education, support and mentorship to community members in upper Manhattan. Tony Hillery, Executive Director, describes the impacts of  generational poverty, and why Harlem Grown’s approach encompasses students, teachers, workforce development, and community engagement to provide reliable and consistent programming. Tune in to learn how to go beyond the headlines, and become part of Harlem Grown’s “farm-ily” through curiosity, action, and your own skill set. (Episode recorded pre-pandemic.)Reach Tony & Harlem Grown at: www.harlemgrown.org ; @harlemgrown  Reach Elyssa + Alina at: www.seedsandthecity.com ; seedsandthecitypodcast@gmail.com ; @seedsandthecitypodcast Thanks to Horti for sponsoring this episode. Get your indoor plant subscription at heyhorti.com and use code seedsandthecity for 10% off your first month