33 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

#17: Clara Kann: Rooftop Reds. The first rooftop vineyard in the world to prove urban viticulture is commercially viable, is growing wine grapes in Brooklyn, NY

Join Elyssa + Alina on a visit to the worlds first commercially viable rooftop vineyard! The 15K sq ft Brooklyn rooftop of Rooftop Reds is demystifying wine by providing access to anyone who wants to enjoy a non-presumptuous glass and check out the 168 growing grape vines. Learn about low intervention winemaking, the true essence of terroir, and why Clara is hearing voices. (Episode recorded pre-pandemic.)

Reach Clara & Rooftop Reds at: http://www.rooftopreds.com ; @rooftopreds

Reach Elyssa + Alina at: www.seedsandthecity.com ; seedsandthecitypodcast@gmail.com ; @seedsandthecitypodcast

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