35 minutes | Feb 25th 2020

#14: Dan Churchill: Charley St. Local food chef and restaurant providing ethically sourced, sustainable, quick and casual meals that nurture our health and the environment.

Charley St is a quick and casual cafe serving up local food recipes from celebrity chef, Dan Churchill. Dan’s expertise in wellness highlights the importance of food for body + mind, promoting soil health for taste and nutrition, eating seasonally, and the magic of the microbiome. Plus, learn about The Art of Toasting, and why you should never whisper to avocados.

Reach Dan at:  www.danchurchill.com  www.charleyst.com  @dan_churchill  @charleyst

Reach Elyssa + Alina at: www.seedsandthecity.com seedsandthecitypodcast@gmail.com @seedsandthecitypodcast

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