54 minutes | Feb 11th 2020

#13: Karen Washington: Rise and Root Farm. Step into the Bronx home of this iconic food justice advocate and community resilience leader as we discuss food apartheid, white privilege, and joining together in NYC

Today Elyssa + Alina have the honor of speaking with NYC farmer, advocate, and icon, Karen Washington. Karen is a fierce and compassionate leader, who gives a powerful voice to the fight for justice, resilience, and the end of food apartheid in communities of color. Sitting at Karen’s kitchen table (each with a cat on her lap) gave us a peek inside the warmth and humor of Karen’s character, that isn’t always divulged in her mighty public speaking. We visit The Garden of Happiness, a Bronx community garden, and listen to Karen (literally) sing her praises for Rise and Root farm. Don’t miss this one! 

Reach Karen at : www.karenthefarmer.com   Karen@karenthefarmer.com  @karwasher

Reach Elyssa + Alina at : www.seedsandthecity.com seedsandthecitypodcast@gmail.com  @seedsandthecitypodcast

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