38 minutes | Mar 2nd 2020

Episode 6: One-way ticket

On today’s episode, Patti Pokorchak shares her crazy journey from top in sales at IBM to her entrepreneurial endeavors with a gardening center. Patti explains how she was such a phenomenon with sales (hint: it has something to do with an article in a pre-teen magazine!) and how she took the chance of a lifetime by purchasing a one-way ticket! She describes herself as a serial entrepreneur of 11 businesses: including starting a 7-figure 20-employee software company for 10 years before opening a thriving garden center and hobby farm. Her book “The Accidental Farmer: Adventures of a Serial Entrepreneur!”  include stories and life lessons for all. Patti has such fantastic energy and is truly an incredible business leader!   To learn more about Patti: https://smallbizsalescoach.ca/
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