55 minutes | Oct 16th 2020

Dani Nickens Firearms Instructor and Competitive Shooter

Dani Nickens Firearms Instructor and Competitive Shooter Today we chatted with Dani Nickens or also known as Dani Oakley. She is competitive shooter, and firearms instructor. We dug deep in the competitive sport world and she spoke about teaching people how to properly use firearms (This includes all ages)   Check out all the links below   My Facebook is  Facebook.com/danioakley1911   Instagram is  Iamdarougarou    All of my competition belts and bags are from TUFF Products and their website is  https://tuffproducts.com   My steel target SAVIORS are Ultimate Targets and you can find them on FB at    https://m.facebook.com/UltimateTargets/   US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. It is such a great program that promotes youth leadership and patriotism (things our kids desperately need today). I am honored to be Executive Officer for the LST325 Division here is Southern Indiana. Anyone wanting to learn more can check out the national website and find a division near them.  Seacadets.org    ------------ If you are into conspiracies check out our other podcast, Debunking Conspiracy Theories.  https://debunked.contactin.bio https://www.instagram.com/debunkingconspiracytheories/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd9IgtHBJ156t7GUMTu8W1g   ------------   If you want to tell your story live on air, or you want to vent, give us a call or text Toll Free 1-877-359-5424 ------------   Check out our Sponsors:   Swanson Health’s great products for yourself, use code UP20 for 20% off on https://www.swansonvitamins.com/   Use RuckUp Code to get 10% off https://www.getjupiter.com/share/ruckup   ACRE Gold get Gold Bars (20% off with Code: RUCKUP) https://getacregold.com/ruckup   https://www.manscaped.com/ USE CHECK OUT: RUCKUP   (For all your Manscaped Needs) https://ballwash.com/ USE CHECK OUT: RUCK20   ------------   Also you can check out our book "Stop listening and start talking: A survival guide to starting and maintaining a podcast.    Find it on Amazon and Kindle   Amazon USA   https://tinyurl.com/yx6da2om   Amazon CAN   https://tinyurl.com/yx6da2om   ------------   We fight human trafficking worldwide by rescuing children from forced labor and sex slavery, providing medical care, clothing, food, safe shelter, education and training to prepare them for a life of freedom.  To date CRI has rescued 2,160 victims and their families. In 2018, CRI freed 118 children in 2 countries. We plan to expand into additional countries, add more rescue missions and save more children every year. You can help!   https://thechildrensrescue.org/   https://thechildrensrescue.org/donate   https://thechildrensrescue.org/training   ------------   If you are able to help out the show, and give us a chance to increase the amount of content, please click the link below, either way, I am so honored you have chosen to listen to RuckUp Podcast and thank all of our listeners all around the world. Stay Safe and RuckUp    https://patron.podbean.com/ruckup   If you want to check out all of our show click the link below or go to RuckUp Media (Remember to join our newsletter. Don't worry we don't spam and will only send out info once a month)   http://ruckup.contactin.bio   http://www.ruckupmedia.com