10 minutes | Mar 2nd 2021

Episode 170 - The 2020 ISDA Training Survey Results, Part 2

In this episode, we are continuing with the results from the 2020 ISDA Training Survey. Just a quick recap from the previous episode. The purpose of the Survey was to supply those looking to enter the profession and those who want to expand their education with data that assist with the decision-making process. Also, to help those who provide training to determine the best methods of reaching their potential audience. The Survey was separated into five sections – GI Bill – Training Course Metrics – Financial - Motivation – Jobs after Training. The first Podcast covered the first three of the five topics. This Podcast episode covers what motivates students to attend a particular program and numbers concerning jobs after training. Training Motivation How did you hear about the training program(s) you attended? Word of mouth                                                            73.33% Advertising (print or digital)                                      30.67% Facebook groups or pages                                      10.67% LinkedIn groups or pages                                         10.00% What was the deciding factor(s) in selecting your training program(s)? The reputation of training provider 87.33%    Cost 33.33% Recommendation from graduates 32.67% Location 27.33% The promise of job placement 8.67%   What was your motivation to attend the training program(s)? Select all that apply Career advancement 58.67% The first step in entering the profession 41.33% Refresher Program 41.33% Sent by company 34.00% Other (please specify) 20.00% Jobs After Training We asked - If you were a part-time subcontractor before attending training, did you move to full-time Executive Protection after the training? (not including residential security)?  Yes     36.76% No       63.24% Also, we asked - Have any training providers kept in contact with you after the program(s)? Yes                     78.67% No                       21.33%   Show notes for this episode are available at SecurityDriver.Com/170 and check out some other content on the website. If you have an interest in going much deeper into these types of topics, I invite you to check out the International Security Driver Association’s website ISDACenter.Org and consider joining to get access to the encyclopedia of executive protection and secure transportation – The ISDA knowledge center. The knowledge shared encompasses a wide range of executive protection and secure transportation-focused topics with resources, information, and metrics. For more information on all of the member benefits, head over to https://isdacenter.org.
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