42 minutes | Jun 22, 2021

Discovering Your Next Chapter with Janette Blissett

 What do you envision for the next chapter of your life? It’s never too late to start making the changes you want to create the life of your dreams for your future.  In today’s episode, I am joined by the incredible Janette Blissett. Janette is an investor, entrepreneur, mindset coach, business strategist, mentor, and founder of Next Chapter Experience LLC. Her first book, Blissful Leadership, was inspired by Janette’s real-life experiences from her thirty years in corporate America in sales and marketing. When Janette decided to stop trading time for dollars, her life was changed for the better. She just launched her own podcast, Next Chapter Experience to highlight amazing people who want to share their wonderful success stories. Janette is now spending her time creating, consulting, learning, and helping other people to pursue their next chapter. If you have been feeling unsatisfied in your current job and are looking to shift towards transitioning into a new role or way of making money, this episode is for you. Taking control and acting with intention is exactly what Janette did when she realized that she didn’t want to continue working in the corporate world and had to make changes if she wanted the life of her dreams. Tune in and listen to this episode of Secrets of Seven Figure Women to hear about Janette’s shift from the corporate world into pursuing her other passions and how you can do the same!In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Janette’s background (2:40)What shifted for Janette to leave the corporate world (6:08)What Janette is currently working on now that she is time rich (15:28)To pay attention to how you speak to yourself (25:47)The value of adaptability (28:08)Janette’s advice and tips for listeners (36:27)Connect with Janette Blissett Book - Blissful LeadershipLinkedInTwitterPodcast - The Next Chapter ExperienceFacebook - The Next Chapter ExperienceInstagramLet’s Connect!FacebookInstagramLinkedInWebsite See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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