28 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

Advice from the Real Estate Investor Goddess with Monick Halm

Are you a woman intimidated by investing? We know it can be confusing, stressful, and risky, but when you hear examples of women who have found massive success through investing, you will be motivated to face your fears in this area. In today’s episode, I am joined by the inspiring Monick Halm, an educator and advocate for women to create passive income streams through real estate investing. Monick is the founder of Real Estate Investor Goddesses, and is an experienced real estate investor and syndicator with over 16 years of real estate investing experience in multi-family, industrial, mobile home and RV parks, flipping, vacation rentals, and ground-up development. Monick owns an impressive portfolio of 1,300 rental units across 7 states with her husband and investors. She is the #1 bestselling author of The Real Estate Investor Goddess Handbook, Wealth for Women: Conversations with the Team That Creates the Dream, and Investing in Real Estate from $1 to $1 Million. She is the host of the Real Estate Investor Goddesses Podcast. She is also a Real Estate Strategy Mentor, keynote speaker, recovering attorney, avid world traveler, wife, and mother of three amazing kids.If your mission is to achieve financial freedom through real estate, you are listening to the right episode. Monick’s mission is to help women build wealth through passive income streams and she continues to make that mission come true through her various business ventures. Monick’s stories from her personal journey will inspire you to overcome the fears you may have and start your journey to seven figures through real estate investing. Tune in and listen to this episode of Secrets of Seven Figure Women to hear Monick’s incredible insights on the ins and outs of building wealth through real estate investing!In This Episode, You Will Learn:How Monick found herself in real estate investing (2:54) What Monick’s niche is (7:57)How psychology influences women and investing (9:58)What Monick’s next project is (16:15)Monick’s advice for making seven figures (19:30)Resources Mentioned: Book - Sacred Success Connect with Monick:WebsiteInstagramFacebookTwitterPodcast - Real Estate Investor GoddessesLet’s Connect!FacebookInstagramLinkedInWebsite See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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