33 minutes | Apr 26th 2017

43 - Inspiration and Creativity with Chef Ana Ros from Hisa Franko - the World's Best Female Chef

Chef Ana Ros along with here husband owns Hisa Franko, a fine dining Restaurant in Slovenia.

Ana's story is truly inspiring, she never received a a classical training, but has developed her own style and techniques and her determination has seen her been recognised amongst the World's best Chefs.

Not originally planning a career as a Chef, she meet her husband whose parents owned Hisa Franko.  He was a trained Sommelier and when his parents handed the reins of the Restaurant to him, Ana stepped into the kitchen.

Her determination to succeed saw her learn the techniques of a chef, learn how to manage a team and how to run the Restaurant.  We talk about the earlier years and how she was able to build her repertoire of techniques in the kitchen, the process she went through build her skills.

We also look at the process she takes to create a new dish, and the way that she is not only integrating local produce into the menu, but working to build the supply chain to enable local commerce and to showcase the amazing ingredients that she is able to source from around Hisa Franko.

This year she was Voted the World's Best Female Chef.  

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