69 minutes | Mar 17, 2021

Unpacking Your Emotional Baggage with Dr. Canary

In this episode, Azandria chats with Dr. Canary of Mind-Body Sex to unpack emotional baggage to get a better understanding of it. Emotional or psychological baggage is a term oftentimes used for any unresolved emotional turmoil caused by childhood trauma, abuse, or any negative experience from past relationships or events. Dr. Canary talks about the importance of healing your trauma before entering a relationship, why people have emotional baggage, how men who were sexually abused could behave in a relationship, and why it's always good to approach yourself with kindness. Happy listening!To connect with Dr. Canary for a free consultation, visit https://doctormbs.com/ to schedule or send an email to info@doctormbs.com.Follow her business page @mind.body.sex.
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