30 minutes | Feb 21, 2021

No, I Can't Just Get Over It: Understanding Depression & Anxiety (P2)

In Part 2 of episode 1 of the Second Opinions podcast, co-host Madonna discusses depression and anxiety with Dr Kai Morgan of the Jamaica Psychological Society to better understand both psychological disorders. Dr Morgan provides tips and strategies on how to manage your depression and anxiety, shares information on who is accessing therapy, and also tells it how it is as to why most people are hesitant to seek professional help for their symptoms. To connect with Dr Kai Morgan, follow her on Instagram @kadmpsychassociatesFollow the Jamaica Psychological Society @jampsych_jmIf you, a friend, a loved one or anyone you know is battling with depression and/or anxiety and needs professional help, here are a few places to contact:Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call them at 888-NEW-LIFE (639-5433)Choose Life International: Call (876) 920-7924/ 390-4913/ 856 2966The Counselling Center: Call (876) 755 - 3715 (6)D'Stress Cafe: Whatsapp 954-822-8367Jamaica Psychological Society: Call (876) 484- 1999
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