53 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

Matt Inwood: Packaging of The Story thru Phone Photography

This week, we are joined by England’s Matt Inwood. Matt is well known in British culinary circles for his creative storytelling and his packaging of chefs, restaurants and their associated stories. In the more recent times, Matt has also become known for his extraordinary phone photography skills. In fact, he is so well regarded in that area he has turned to conducting workshops on helping others to improve their storytelling with images taken from our smartphones. Matt’s workshops and his 3 elements for success form the core of this week’s episode. We also touch on Matt’s other creative talents, including his thoughtful and reflective writing. Matt takes us through his writings and his thoughts on being kind to others and why that is particularly important in these current times. Matt Inwood is a man of depth and many creative talents. Our conversation will allow you insights into who he is, what motivates him and what he knows that can be of help to all of us.
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