21 minutes | Jan 14, 2016

#17: The Women’s Vote (part 2)

  In this episode you’ll hear from three people. Lyn DeWitt, a longtime friend of mine, is an ardent feminist and a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton. You heard Lyn in Part 1 of this mini-series, and you’ll hear the same clips of Lyn in part 2. This time, though, the rebuttal to Lyn will come from her 20-year-old daughter Anna Kelly. She’ll respond to her mother’s arguments about why Hillary should be the Democratic nominee. Anna does a wonderful job of explaining why millennials have found a kindred spirit in a rumpled, 74-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont. The third voice in this episode comes from… well, let’s just say a surprise guest. Call her a pundit with decades of political experience — a pundit you’ve never heard from... until now.   Before you click play, I gotta say this about Anna Kelly. Not only is she bright, articulate, and well-informed — but she also personifies what makes Bernie’s campaign so exciting: Bernie’s ability to draw such loyal support from people who are 50 years younger than he is.  If millennials like Anna can still hear wisdom from their elders — not just hear it, actually, but embrace it — well, that’s a wonderful thing. It’s also a rejection of an old, tired rallying cry of the baby-boomers in Berkeley, back in the 1960s during the Free Speech Movement. The expression? “Don’t trust anyone over 30.”     
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