49 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

Seawilding with Danny Renton

Rewilding is all about letting nature take over to the benefit of ecosystems, inhabitants, and us. This is just as true in the sea as it is on the land. Seawilding is a group on the west coast of Scotland aiming to reestablish a viable native oyster population that could improve its local habitat for other species and provide a viable and sustainable fishery for the local community around Loch Craignish. Danny Renton, director of the project, joins us to discuss digestive biscuits, oyster hoisters and strange packages from the Royal Mail. You can find out more about Seawilding at https://www.seawilding.org/ Find the three mile limit petition here: https://ourseasscotland.eaction.org.uk/bring-back-the-fish Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeaGazingPod https://twitter.com/nicolettemmusic https://twitter.com/birdandsongs https://seagazing.com
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