63 minutes | Dec 13th 2020

Episode Pat Falloon (322): NHL Confirms Plan for 56 Game Season. Do We Dare Dream?

The NHL confirms plans for 56 game schedule along with preliminary divisions, which are still being negotiated. We discuss the proposed divisions and thoughts on how to make it work. John Shannon announces the NHL is looking to get vaccines and quickly backtracks. 

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  • Banter: Covid projects. Kate's 21. 
  • Title Player Pat Falloon
  • Feedback: Deefur Music / Mascot Diaries
  • NEWS: NHL confirms 56 game schedule and provides initial division alignment. 
  • Will there be bubbles to start?
  • World Junior is stumbling with Swedish coaches testing positive but teams are on their way.
  • Ads on helmets?
  • Guess the 5th 
  • Forbes franchise value report

Intro/Outro Music Artist: Elvis Costello Song: Peace Love and Understanding

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