71 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Episode Metro Prystai (330): Pete Wood Reunion Episode. NHL Screws Up in Classic NHL Fashion.

Pete Wood joins us to talk about his Habs and the NHL season generally. The Blue Jackets get a raw deal when the NHL blows a goal call against Carolina.  Listen Here:  iTunes  Google Play  Stitcher  Direct MP3   iHeart Radio Banter: Winter Weekend fun Title Player Metro Prystai Pete Wood NEWS: Blue Jackets get screwed by bad coach's challenge call that got handled poorly COVID issues continue to build Montreal Canadiens are rolling and Pete gives his take Guess the 5th Leafs are looking good Oilers continue to have goalie problems DOPeS - parking tickets  Hall of Fame - Colorado Avalanche Intro/Outro Music Artist: John Sebastian Song: Welcome Back
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