67 minutes | Oct 27, 2019

Episode 28: On The Wild Side

In which Gizzie Rascal speaks to Giacomo Giorgi, director of new documentary On the Wild Side. The film takes an on-the-ground look at anti-hunting and anti-poaching movements around the world. People and groups around the world may be separated by tens, hundreds or thousands of miles, but they are all taking action against animal oppression. On the Wild Side includes a section on hunt sabs in the UK, and we spend some time talking about this part of the film. - On the Wild Side website: https://www.onthewildsideinitiative.com - On the Wild Side Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onthewildsideinitiative/ - On the Wild Side Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/onthewildsideinitiative/ - Which Side podcast episode featuring Tommy Knowles (for reference, as the audio no longer works): https://whichsidepodcast.com/tommy-knowles-wildlife-defence-league/ Closing song is "They Like to Kill" from the On the Wild Side soundtrack. Kindly provided by Java Films / FM Records.
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