64 minutes | Jan 27, 2017

039 – Someone Hire Logan

Are you in the Phoenix area? Are you looking for a young, yet experienced; kind, yet ruggedly grizzled; erotic, yet professionally appropriate developer? Look no further than L.O.G.A.N. You see, L.O.G.A.N. stands for Laborious Overproductive Gringo Assaulting Negligence, which means this son of a bitch will work hard to see to it that anything you throw at him will probably get accomplished no later than a day or two after it's due. Hire him or he'll toss you into a van down by the river and have his way with your soul. I don't know what any of this means. Does this count as a reference for Logan? Hey buddy just link to this episode's show notes if you need me to put in a good word for you. \Aids. 
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