43 minutes | Sep 1, 2021

Single Parenting the ScreenStrong Way with Candace Collins

This week, Melanie talks with Candace Collins, a single parent of a 6-year old daughter living a Screen Strong lifestyle. Candace works in Social Media and Digital Marketing and is well aware of the pull that hand held devices have on our daily lives. Candace shares her parenting journey of how she began to notice the toxic effects of screen use and how she made the choice to live counter culturally to provide her daughter a nurturing and connected environment. She offers tips and simple suggestions on how to cultivate connection, creativity, and reduce the use of toxic screens in parenting your young child. This is an episode you have been waiting for and one that you will want to listen to more than once.Subscribe, rate, and review this podcast to help spread the word. Stay Strong! Visit ScreenStrong.com to learn more about becoming a ScreenStrong Family and to take our ScreenStrong Challenge.Need extra support? Join our ScreenStrong Families Facebook Group.Interested in being a podcast guest? Email us at: team@screenstrong.com.Use code STRONG at GabbWireless.com for a discount on a talk & text only phone for teens.
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