46 minutes | May 14, 2021

Loving Your Kids Louder with Nate Webb (Bullies Be Gone)

Nate Webb is a bullying survivor and high school counselor who started the Bullies Be Gone podcast and speaks at schools about bullying, social media, and how kids can get back to loving their lives.

As a counselor, he has seen how smartphone access and social media have exacerbated bullying by opening kids up to 24/7 contact with their peers. In his conversation with Melanie, Nate emphasizes his parents’ positive influence on his attitude as a suffering middle- and high-schooler, and gives advice about how parents can “love their kids louder than their insecurities can hate them.”

He believes that when kids are exposed to more communication and kindness, they can not only overcome being bullied, but also stop bullying others.

You can find Nate on Instagram: @bulliesbe.gone

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