58 minutes | Aug 20, 2021

How Screens Are Changing the Social & Academic Culture for Students with Joe Clement

Today, Melanie is joined by Joe Clement, a teacher, parent of three, and co-author of Screen Schooled with Matt Miles. Joe is in his 28th year of teaching and brings a unique perspective as he has witnessed the change technology has brought into both the classroom and the home environment. Melanie and Joe discuss the mental health risk factors that are influenced by the toxic use of screens that result in loss of empathy, loss of awareness of facial/social cues, increased stress, and lack of development of essential interpersonal skills for our children. Joe shares how the social and academic culture within the school environment has been negatively influenced by the toxic use of screens resulting in increased distractibility, increased impulsivity to cheat, and decreased educational discussion in the classroom. Lastly, Joe provides encouragement and tips to parents and educators to improve the balance in their use of technology in the home and the classroom.Subscribe, rate, and review this podcast to help spread the word. Stay Strong! Visit ScreenStrong.com to learn more about becoming a ScreenStrong Family and to take our ScreenStrong Challenge.Need extra support? Join our ScreenStrong Families Facebook Group.Interested in being a podcast guest? Email us at: team@screenstrong.com.Use code STRONG at GabbWireless.com for a discount on a talk & text only phone for teens.
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