44 minutes | Sep 15, 2021

Building Family Culture with Steve and Candice Watters

Today, Melanie talks with Steve and Candice Watters, a married couple dedicated and passionate about helping and supporting young families. They have four children—13 to 22—whom they have raised ScreenStrong.Steve and Candice share their “light bulb moments” that led to their realization and diligence in becoming intentional parents. They identified a focus and practice of building relationships with their children, building alternatives to what was being offered culturally, and being intentional about the culture of their home. They offer tips and guidance on how to introduce new habits and limits to create ways of reshaping your kids’ “appetites” for non-screen activities. Steve and Candice provide encouragement and remind us that “you are your child’s favorite toy,” and caution us on the small window of time we all truly have in building healthy families. This is an episode to inspire you to reassess your family’s culture, reassess your spousal and parental bonds, and begin to cultivate alternative family choices and habits.Subscribe, rate, and review this podcast to help spread the word. Stay Strong! Visit ScreenStrong.com to learn more about becoming a ScreenStrong Family and to take our ScreenStrong Challenge.Need extra support? Join our ScreenStrong Families Facebook Group.Interested in being a podcast guest? Email us at: team@screenstrong.com.Use code STRONG at GabbWireless.com for a discount on a talk & text only phone for teens.
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