18 minutes | Mar 9th 2013

Preview: Act One ‘A Light Before The Darkness’

SELECTED ACCOLADES: WINNER, 20/20 International Screenplay Competition 2005 BEST SCREENPLAY, Century City Int'l Film Festival 2004 RUNNER-UP, Screenwriters Forum International 2003 TOP TEN, Contest of Contest Winners 2005 TAGLINE: No man should have to kill the one he loves. LOGLINE: By the stroke of his brush, the volatile artist know as Caravaggio resurrects the Church. By the stroke of his sword he damns himself to The Inquisition. SYNOPSIS: Exiled from Rome, fleeing a charge of murder, the foremost artist of the counter-reformation is on a quest to return with a noble title and resurrect his career. However, when Caravaggio is accepted as an aspirant to the legendary order of the Knights of Malta, he becomes a pawn in a plot to overthrow the Grand Master of the Knights. Even as he gains his dream of nobility, Caravaggio must make a fateful choice: Stay exiled with his lover, Enrique, or return to Rome and awaken the sleeping dogs that lie there. Vengeful forces in Rome, however, will not await that choice. They send assassins. GENRES: Action, Drama, Historical, Biography, Based on a True Story PRINCIPAL ACTORS  include: Mike Vaughn Kyle Hebert and Dan Woren MUSIC: Antonio Vivaldi original compositions by Frederic Mauerhofer Screenplay Theater gratefully acknowledges sound and foley contributions via Freesound.org