25 minutes | Dec 1st 2017

Episode 29: Interviewing for Nonfiction Writers

This episode kicks off a mini-series about research--this week, I share my best tips for interviewing for nonfiction articles, essays, and projects, and next episode, I'll share ways to research and interview for fiction. I gathered most of these tips from my journalist friends while in grad school, where I had to conduct my very first *real* interview, and I've used them in countless situations, from interviewing a restaurant owner for a newspaper article to talking to a faith healer for a book manuscript. If you've never interviewed someone before, but are dying to get your feet wet, this is the podcast for you.

Plus! For this episode only, I made an extra-special in-depth worksheet (that even includes an email template you can fill in and send out to your interview-ees)! Find it at aliciadelosreyes.com/podcast29