49 minutes | Mar 8, 2019

Dhar Mann on the Power of Influencer Marketing

Dhar Mann grew LiveGlam from a small business to a booming multimillion dollar success through influencer marketing. Topics: Resources (5:30) Origins (8:45) Growth (15:00) Dhar’s mantra (19:50) Which ideas to pursue (21:00) Learning from failure (24:30) Influencer marketing (32:45) Influencer responsibilities (39:20) How to become an influencer (42:00) Dhar's 5 year plan (45:45) Mentions: Gary Vaynerchuk Measure What Matters Project Management Tool - Monday   Special thanks to Dhar Mann for sharing LiveGlam's story   Contributors to this episode include: Host - Jeremy Goodrich Music Production - Mark Vinten Audio Editing - Christopher Lang Copy Editing - Talia Chakraborty If you enjoyed this episode, stick around: SUBSCRIBE on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify or wherever you catch your podcasts.  REVIEW the show and SHARE with friends. JOIN the Scratch Entrepreneur Group so we can make it Facebook official. Thanks for listening!   Want insurance without the headache? We’re here for you. More great stories & information at: Youtube - Blog - Podcast Facebook - Twitter  
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