51 minutes | Feb 6th 2019

Abby Gitlitz - Don't Play With Glass

You’ve been warned since you were small not to play with glass. It’s sharp, it’s fragile, and you’ll get hurt if it breaks. Abby Gitlitz, founder of The Bloomington Creative Glass Center (BCGC), agrees. You’ll get hurt if it breaks, and you can count on it breaking if you blow glass. You’ll get burnt too. But it won’t be a big hurt, and you’ll learn to make art using the medium you’ve been scared of since before you can remember.

Hit play if you want to hear about:

  • magical realism
  • apocalyptic literature and art
  • glass pumpkins
  • the science of blown glass, and more.

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Special thanks to Abby Gitlitz for sharing her story with us


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