20 minutes | Jan 29th 2018

Podcast 361 – Scouting is a Game

We’ve heard this before, right? Baden-Powell employed the “Scouting is a game” analogy long before anyone else, and it is the best analogy I’ve found for explaining the wonderfully complex, intriguing, idea that is Scouting. We have to be careful because analogies break down at some point. While Scouting is a game in many ways, it’s actually something far more than that. In this podcast I’ll kick off a series of foundational talks about Scouting. I”d hesitate to call these talks introductory, because we’ll be trying to wrap our heads around some very big ideas. My hope is they help you make sense of just what we are up to as Scouters. Listen to this week’s podcast This podcast is brought to you by Patrons & Backers Podcast Notes   Happy Wanderer Opening Music All Time Favorite Boy Scout Get my book The Scouting Journey Get my book So Far So Good The post Podcast 361 – Scouting is a Game appeared first on Scoutmastercg.com.
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