13 minutes | Dec 11th 2017

Podcast 359 – A Tale of Two Scout Troops

Imagine two Scout troops, troop A and troop B. Both troops have “average” Scouts (whatever that means) who do what average Scouts do. Both have a well defined procedural approach to discipline and misbehavior. Troop A publishes a guide that defines the rules, how they are enforced, and penalties for breaking them. Troop B has no written rules, so they don’t have any measures for policing them or penalties for breaking the rules. An average Scout in troop A decides to misbehave in precisely the same manner as an average Scout in troop B. Listen in to hear what happens next, two very different responses to identical situations, it’ll stun the Dickens out of you. Listen to this week’s podcast [00:27] Troop 38, New Berlin Wisconsin, takes a tern for the wurst. [03:19] A Tale of Two Troops. This podcast is brought to you by Patrons & Backers Podcast Notes   Podcast 355-When Scouts Misbehave Constructive Scouting Discipline. Happy Wanderer Opening Music Get my book The Scouting Journey Get my book So Far So Good See all of my tee shirt designs! The post Podcast 359 – A Tale of Two Scout Troops appeared first on Scoutmastercg.com.
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