73 minutes | Oct 31, 2022

Listener Request - West Bow Saints or Sinners?

Trigger warning, in this episode there’s some strong language, mentions of suicide and executions, discussions around sexual acts regarding animals that some people may find upsetting and adult themes, so listener discretion is strongly advised.

Major Thomas Weir not only had a distinguished military career but upon his retirement and move to the prestigious West Bow area of Edinburgh, he went on to become an upstanding member of Edinburgh society, a devote presbyterian, a well-respected Christian and an enthusiastic preacher, and the people of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas looked up to him and would regularly attend his prayer and preaching meetings, with him being given the nickname of The West Bow Saint. However, all that changed in 1670 when Major Thomas Weir made a shocking confession, which quickly turned him, in the eyes of the community, from a saint to a sinner.

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