21 minutes | Oct 29, 2017

Mysterious and singular - the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is still a somewhat mysterious organ at the center of the brain. It was dubbed the “seat of the soul” by 17th-century French philosopher René Descartes and is still viewed as the physiological structure corresponding to the “third eye” in some esoteric traditions. In medicine, the pineal gland remains rather elusive to research due to its location, snugly nudged to the wall of the third ventricle in the middle of the brain. Its main and most well-researched function is the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that plays a critical role in regulating the circadian rhythm.  Tune in on this week’s episode where we will tickle your ears and open your third eyes! Why the pineal gland hasn’t yet revealed all of its secrets How breathwork might help you hack into your pineal gland Why ‘beauty sleep’ might be more than just a catchphrase The link between the pineal gland and the hallucinogenic compound DMT   More info  scienceontherocks.org Support us on patreon.com/scienceontherocks
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