38 minutes | Nov 6, 2017

Investigating the Iceman - Matthijs Kox

A few years ago, Wim approached a Nijmegen-based research team at Radboud Medical Center and challenged them to scientifically investigate his purported ability to influence his autonomic nervous system – a skill commonly deemed impossible by the medical community. The first two studies were conducted by Dutch physicians Dr. Matthijs Kox and Prof. Peter Pickkers who work on studying the human immune response, mainly in ICU patients, to help reduce the mortality of critically ill patients. They were able to publish their work in high-ranking scientific journals and continue to investigate the effects the WHM has in various patient groups. Enjoy this week’s episode where we bring you a fascinating, rich, and highly articulate interview with Matthijs Kox, the man who investigated the Iceman! More info  scienceontherocks.org Support us on patreon.com/scienceontherocks
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