24 minutes | May 19, 2020

Mathew Brown: COVID-19, Flattening the Curve and the Global Surge of Data Visualization

Mathew Brown a Scientific Data Visualization Specialist and founder of the Hakia Institute in British Columbia explains:What is data visualization and why this is a remarkable moment its historyWhat is Github and how are organizations sharing data about COVID-19Why we need to be careful when creating visualizations and who's getting it rightData skepticism, what we know, what we can't knowThe policy tradeoffs of opening our economies up again too soonWhy the race to develop a vaccine is exceptionalWhy we're in it for the long haul in the New NormalHow to begin a career in data visualizationLeaders in data visualization todayHis work with the Center for Global Health ResearchThe value of organizations having in-house data visualization expertsMathew Brownhttps://www.mathewbrown.ca/https://www.hakai.org/Matt's Twitter Recos: @AlbertoCairo, @DataVizSociety, @moritz_stefaner, @infowetrustBACKGROUND READINGThe story behind ‘flatten the curve,’ the defining chart of the coronavirusBy Mark Wilson at Fast Company | March 13, 2020The Financial Times: Coronavirus tracked: the latest figures as countries fight to contain the pandemicJohn MurdochOn TwitterWashington Post: Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”By Harry Stevens at Washington Post | March 14, 2020New York Times: New York Times on CoronavirusHow Long Will a Vaccine Really Take?By Stuart A. Thompson | April 30, 2020On TwitterJohns Hopkins University: Johns Hopkins Institute Coronavirus Resource Center Interactive Global DashboardGithub HomeGovernment of Canda Open Government Portal for COVID-19 DataData Visualization SocietyMike BostockD3.js - Data Driven Documents HomeObservable HQCenter for Global Health Research
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