32 minutes | May 16, 2020

Caroline Colijn: COVID-19 in British Columbia and the MAGPIE Research Group's Mathematical Modelling

Caroline Colijn from SFU’s MAGPIE Research Group in British Columbia speaks about her team’s work on COVID-19 Mathematical Modelling in collaboration with the BC Centre for Disease Control and:Contact tracing options: their pros, cons and technological barriersThe proven benefits of physical / social distancing and hand hygieneEvaluating exposure risks of various social settings (beaches, trails, clubs)The ideal COVID-19 data set needed in a perfect world The key role that mathematical modelling has played during the pandemicReasons why BC might have performed better in responding to the crisisDefining R0 (R naught) and prevalence as valuable metrics in understanding the virusHer work on the panel with Canada’s chief science advisor Dr. Mona NemerHow COVID-19 preparedness is different from flu preparednessHow Canada learned from the SARS epidemicThe limitations of reported cases vs actual cases in the populationWhy the “multiple waves” analogy is a misconceptionWhy mathematical models have a threshold related to exponential growthRESOURCESCaroline Colijnon Twitter: https://twitte.com/CarolineColijn at SFU: https://www.sfu.ca/math/department/faculty/colijn--caroline.html The MAGPIE Research Groupat SFU: https://www.sfu.ca/magpie/home.htmlCOVID-19 Research page: https://www.sfu.ca/magpie/covid-19.html on Twitter: https://twitter.com/magpieresearch Dr. Mona Nemer (Canada's Chief Science Advisor)On Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChiefSciCanGovernment of Canada: https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/063.nsf/eng/h_97646.htmlBACKGROUND READINGReal-time modelling of the COVID-19 epidemic: perspectives from British Columbia:Caroline Colijn and Daniel Coombs | Posted May 14, 2020Estimating the impact of COVID-19 control measures using a Bayesian model of physical distancing Caroline Colijn et al | Posted April 22, 2020.Coronavirus: ‘Incomplete’ data for Canada hurts ability to model pandemic, scientists say Beatrice Britneff | Posted April 17, 2020The Tyee: She Plots the Possible Arcs of the PandemicSteve Burgess | Posted March 26, 2020ABOUT THE PODCASTRate this podcast, Please share your feedbackBest way to reach Gordon Ruby: LinkedInSci Comm and Civic Tech on Social:Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube
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