40 minutes | Jul 5, 2021

Wait, What? Why Did I Get This Feedback? Behind The Scenes of the School of Podcasting

Two Ways To Learn Things You can learn from your mistakes and do less of those. You can also look at anything that worked well and do more of that.  This week I talk about episode 780 with Adam Curry. I had more people connect with me to say, "Hey, I really liked that interviewed" and I started asking them WHY? What made it stick out? Today I share their answers.  SPONSOR: Podpage Podpage makes it super easy to make a website for your podcast without a giant amount of technical know-how. There is no need to cram a podcast into a theme made for a restaurant on Squarespace, a personal trainer on Wix, or the nightmares that are WordPress themes and plugin conflicts. Podpage is made based on podcaster feedback for podcasters!. You can try it for free at www.schoolofpodcasting.com/trypodpage Mentioned In This Episode Marc Maron Interviews Quentin Tarantino Podcasting 2.0 and the Podcast Index My Interview With Adam Curry Paul Colligan Glen the Geek Spark Christian Podcast Conference A Time For Horses Power of Podcasting Network (All of Dave's Podcasting Shows) Profit From Your Podcast (Dave's Book) Join The School of Podcasting Schedule a Podcast Strategy Meeting
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