52 minutes | Jun 28, 2021

ATTITUDE: Joe Saul-Sehy's Secret Weapon to Podcast Success

Today we hear part 2 of my conversation with Joe from Stacking Benjamins (Hear Part 1) comes back to talk about joining Westwood One, why he has a coach and his attitude towards making his show better.  SPONSOR: Podpage Have you tried Podpage? Podpage makes it super easy to make a website for your podcast. You don't need any technical knowledge. Just put in your RSS feed from your media host, and Podpage does the rest. You can try it for free for seven days - no credit card required. Go to www.schoolofpodcasting.com/trypodpage TOPICS: 00:00 Gordon the Guided Missile 03:00 Welcome to the Show QUESTION OF THE MONTH 04:38 Podcasting Pet Peeves 04:54 York from Poetic Earthlings 06:59 Seth - Geekville Radio 08:53 Dan - Based on a True Story IS YOUR PODCAST GOOD? 11:33 Most Haters Just Leave 14:41 Do You REALLY Want Advice? 16:01 Before You Buy Facebook Ads 16:44 How to Not Feel SALESY 18:30 SPONSOR: Podpage JOE'S AMAZING ATTITUDE 20:40 Joe From Stackingbenjamins.com 21:12 Why Did Joe Join a Network? 24:20 "Messing" with his content? 25:54 Why Does Someone Successful Need a Coach? 27:27 What Innovations Did You Do? 31:04 How Joe Inspires You To Listen to the Ads 32:31 Knowledge is Powerful When Acted Upon 34:26 Being Everywhere 35:54 Great Points: recap GET MORE OF JOE Stacking Benjamins Podcast Pre-order his book, "Stacked: Your Super-Serious Guide to Modern Money Management"  YOUR ATTITUDE 36:55 It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect 38:41 2 Quick Quotes JULY QUESTION OF THE MONTH 40:18 July Question of the Month If you had to stop podcasting (the reason doesn't matter) what would you miss the most? Answer at www.schoolofpodcasting.com/question INSIGHTS FROM SPARK CHRISTIAN PODCAST CONFERENCE 42:20 Example of Standing Out 47:35 In-Person Events ROCK 50:30 Coming Soon MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE ( 781 ) The Importance of Mistakes (John Cleese) Podpage (learn Podpage for free) School of Podcasting - Plan, Launch, Grow and Monetize Your Podcast Poetic Earthlings Geekville Radio Based on a True Story Author Media ( Thomas Umstattd Jr. ) Fantastical Truth Podcast (Zach Russell) Jordan Harbinger Asking Advice Episode Pre-order Joe's book, "Stacked: Your Super-Serious Guide to Modern Money Management"  Focus on the Family Spark Christian Podcast Conference Part 1 of My talk With Joe (About Reviews) The Chosen (Online Series - Interesting Crowdfunding) Tara-Leigh Cobble Author Media - Thomas Umstattdt Jr. Fantastical Truth - Zachary Russell
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