36 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

S2E8 Roadmap Club, a Feedback Loop All Schools Should Have, with Indra Sofian, Cofounder at Sora Schools

Our guest today is Indra Sofian, the cofounder fo Sora School, an online project-based-learning high school.In this episode, we catch up after our first chat 2 years ago. Then the school was just starting, now there is an innovative yet mature high school operating entirely online. It is the first digital-native high school I have studied closely, so I wanted to dig into their entire operating system. We discussed how they motive learners, how they structure their academic standards, how students select the skills they need to master, the projects they design and complete. How the Sora team designs incentive mechanisms so that students navigate through a sea of skills and standards at an accelerating pace, a bit like a video game.Here are some resources mentioned in our discussion:Virtual School is the Future, by Garrett Smiley - https://soraschools.com/virtual-school-is-the-future/Redesigning School for Students To Thrive - https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/village-globals/redesigning-school-for-ij6_CO4w1z-/MTC Mastery Transcript® - https://mastery.orgWhere to learn more about [Name]:Twitter - https://twitter.com/indysofianWebsite - https://soraschools.com/Where to learn more about Enrollhand: Website - www.enrollhand.comWebinar - http://webinar-replay.enrollhand.com
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